Botox Party


Like the name suggests, a Botox party is a type of party where interested patients can come together and enjoy the Botox procedure in a comfortable location of their choosing whether it be at our office or in a location you choose.

At these parties, you can have the opportunity to enjoy all of the pleasures of a social event and also enjoy the skilled hand of a Botox professional. The way the events are organized may vary from person to person. Some people enjoy having a quiet gathering between close friends and interested patients, while others like to have big parties with catering and entertainment. The type of party you attend or throw is entirely up to you, we just provide you with the Botox services you need.

Treatments are performed in a professional manner, with exactly the same service, products, and after care provision as an in-office treatment and in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. Prior to initiating any treatment, we explain in detail what is involved and answer any questions you may have. Each person is provided a free of charge consultation and is assessed to establish their needs. All treatments are administered by Valerie Avelli ANP-C, Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, Owner of Adult Health N.P. PLLC. Valerie places meticulous emphasis on natural results, and personalizes every procedure for every client, ensuring that the final results are exactly what they are looking for.

All of our treatments are guaranteed – simply meaning that once we have discussed your needs and goals and carry out your treatment; any subsequent adjustment / touch up needed to obtain the perfect result is carried out in our office, if needed, free of charge. Follow-ups are required within two weeks of treatment. A minimum of six guests are required…..And of course….


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